9 Things to Look for

Your email service is important. It can be as important as getting air into your lungs for your business. Choosing the right email services, provider and options while matching this to your needs can be confusing.

So you’ve got your custom domain name, and the personalized email address that comes with it. You now have a couple of options for actually using your email: You can use the host server (which probably offers limited features and not enough storage), you can route your emails through a free hosted email account, or you can pay for a more robust business email option.

With the right information, you can find the best answers for your business. Here are nine things to look for when you select your business email service:

  1. Reliability – Your business email provider needs to be up and running whenever you need it. Your email should always be available. Email downtime could result in lost business or unhappy customers.
  2. Security – Email hacks have become a regular item in the news. Your business email provider should offer strong measures to keep your accounts secure and prevent any unauthorized use of your email account.
  3. Integration – If other business tools such as calendars, and software suites are important to your business, consider an email package that integrates with the tools that you already use.
  4. Ease of Use – As you grow, you will have more staff members who will need to create and use email accounts. Training time can be minimized with ease of use.
  5. Archive Capabilities – Your business email should provide a way for you to save, store, and organize your email messages and drafts.
  6. Spam Filter– Why waste your valuable time reading through spam when you can have your email system filter it out for you.
  7. Advanced Features– For a small business, the ability to recall sent messages or schedule tasks within email can be important.
  8. Reputation – Your email address is one of the first pieces of information prospective clients see. A good reputation can work in your favor.
  9. Storage– You don’t want to run out of space.
If possible, have everyone in your business use the same email service provider.  Otherwise, it can confuse customers and prospective customers.  Plus, using different email services makes it difficult to train employees and create procedures for handling business messages. Not all employees will be able to handle messages in the same way if they use different email services.

In part 2, we will look at features and options

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