Is My Robot Part of the Industrial IOT?

Robots, automation and the Internet of Things seem to be everywhere we turn. Many industries are using automation to increase efficiency and lower costs. But some are installing robots and drones just to attract attention […]

Defense from a four-letter word

Defense from a 4-letter word

Would you pay someone to break into your office to test your security system?  Do you crash your car to check the airbag operation?  How about that parachute before you jump […]

There’s No Way I’m Doing THAT!-Part 2

We are falling so far behind!  The future projections from old cartoons that we have seen in syndication had a much more rapidly advancing technology-enhanced future than we have today.  Facial recognition, voice interactive – […]

Setting up or Revising your office for ‘The Changing Workplace’

The way we work is changing, and setting up a business in Dubai today is quite a cumbersome process. Decide on the type of company, find a location, get the office fitted out with furniture […]