How Did We Ever Live Without It?!

Mobile ordering, WiFi, IPTV and guest traffic analytics – customers will thank you in many ways
I’m looking into the future.  Not the distant future in an anti-gravitational, robot servant, life under a dome sort of […]

Email is Like Breathing for Your Business : Part 1

9 Things to Look for
Your email service is important. It can be as important as getting air into your lungs for your business. Choosing the right email services, provider and options while matching this to […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery– What’s Your Plan? Part 1

There’s no reason to do a backup unless it’s for disaster recovery.  The two are integrally related.
The best course of action is to define a data protection strategy, like backup, that can be verified independently […]

Cyber Security – Is this a Bad Dream?

Please make this just a bad dream.
I think that I am watching a low-budget, made-for-TV, thriller. A continual barrage of seemingly over-the-top instances of threats and drama that just keep coming at too rapid a […]