Setting up or Revising your office for ‘The Changing Workplace’

The way we work is changing, and setting up a business in Dubai today is quite a cumbersome process. Decide on the type of company, find a location, get the office fitted out with furniture […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery– What’s Your Plan? Part 2

The UAE was fortunate to avoid disasters in the latest round of ransomware attacks, but, this is a danger that will only continue to increase here and across the globe.  You don’t want to be […]

Email is Like Breathing for Your Business : Part 2

9 Feature Offerings & 10 Free Options
So, finding the option that suits your needs and allows you an easy growth path is the answer you are looking for.  Among some of the leading (paid) business email hosting […]

There’s No Way I’m Doing THAT!

According to recent research from Gartner, the majority of people surveyed say that they simply will not get into a driverless car.

Obviously, consumer trust is essential for any mass adoption of autonomous vehicle technology.

Adopting new […]