I’ll Make You Famous

“Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.” – John F. Kennedy
We’ve all heard news stories about insider trading.  Wall Street executives with advance knowledge of a company’s plans sell off or buy volumes of […]

LiFi Congress Q&A with Burhan Kamal, Managing Director, Vector Technologies

For the first time, the scientific and professional world involved in LiFi gathered together in order to share ideas and pave the way for the future of LiFi.  They endeavored to show an academic and industrial LiFi overview and […]

What’s REALLY Next?

What is LiFi?
Where our current WiFi stems from radio waves, LiFi (light fidelity) transmits data through LED light bulbs.

With visible light, LiFi is able to transmit information at seriously high speeds. Using a photo-detector, light […]

Is My Robot Part of the Industrial IOT?

Robots, automation and the Internet of Things seem to be everywhere we turn. Many industries are using automation to increase efficiency and lower costs. But some are installing robots and drones just to attract attention […]