The biggest cyber security threat is inside your organization

Organizations that wish to secure their companies from insider threats (which can be malicious or inadvertent) need to identify possible threats and implement security measures to address them. When we think of cyber security threats, many of us think of shadowy figures conducting attacks from the privacy of their bedrooms. As hard as it might be to believe, though, an organization’s biggest security risk is actually its own employees.

  • 75% of large organizations suffered staff-related security breaches in 2015, with 50% of the worst breaches caused by human error. (Axelos)
  • More often than not, employees compromise security unwittingly. 72% of reported cases of cyber security breaches occur after a staff member receives a fraudulent email. (Cyber security breaches survey 2017)
  • While employees may not act maliciously, these actions pose serious and real risks. In fact, we know that up to 43% of all data breaches are the result of insiders either inadvertently or maliciously putting data at risk.

You can build a wall, set up perimeter defenses, and spend massive resources maintaining it all. But if your enemy is within, that wall will do you no good.

  • 69% of enterprise security executives reported experiencing an attempted theft or corruption of data by insiders during the last 12 months. (Accenture and HfS Research)
  • Internal actors were responsible for 47% of data loss, half of which is intentional, half accidental.
  • Insider threats are a growing risk for businesses. Early detection and management is the key.

With thousands of employees, consultants, 3rd party contractors, vendors, and partners who have privileged access to your sensitive data, there is one underlying question your organization needs to ask itself: Is your data safe?

  • 91% of C-level executives confirmed that their organizations were being left vulnerable to insider threats, according to a recent Vormetric Insider Threat Report


Security from the Inside. Detect, Record, and Eliminate Malicious User Behavior

  • Intelligent session mining
  • Data discovery, classification, and loss prevention
  • Live screen recording & playback
  • Automatically allow, block, or alert on any behavior
  • Rule and anomaly-based risk analysis
  • Time and productivity analysis
Teramind is an employee monitoring software that records all user computer activity. It identifies organizational weak points by highlighting frequently violated rules and discovering anomalies in human behavior that deviate from normal departmental activity or the collective behavior of their peers.

Teramind takes a head-on approach to user behavior with comprehensive reporting, monitoring and alerting. The result is a user-centric solution for identifying and eliminating all forms of user based risks, ultimately preventing the possibility of a security breach.

What can Teramind do for you?teramind-image

  • Record user sessions and privileged user monitoring
  • Detect & prevent insider threats in real-time
  • Score risks based on rule violation trends and prevent data loss
  1. Intelligent Session Mining – Teramind indexes all text that appears on the screen, even in images, remote desktops, and Java applications.
  2. Search by regular expression or exact string – Build rules that take action when certain text appears on the screen.
  3. Privacy Protection – Teramind understands the need to protect user privacy and comply with local monitoring laws.
  4. Prevention and Notification – Define custom actions for unwanted or high-risk behavior. Over 200 templated rules designed to help.
  5. Productivity Analysis – See who’s performing and who’s not.

Overview of Teramind

Website and application monitoring

downloadDeploy Teramind Anywhere

In Your Data Center – The Teramind server is an all-inclusive, horizontally-scalable Virtual Appliance that can be deployed to your existing VMWare, Hyper-V, or Xen environment. No other licenses are required to run the server. A single, adequate server can handle 1,000 concurrent sessions. Scale up by running multiple servers in parallel

In Your Private Cloud – Run Teramind directly in your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud account. Leverage existing scalability and redundancy frameworks

On Our Hosted Solution – Get started in minutes. No server installation nor maintenance required. Simply install the agents and you’re ready to go. Teramind Cloud can scale without bounds.

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