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To effectively run an efficient business, modern companies can count on the expertise, experience, ICT support and tailor-made solutions provided by Vector Technologies. Along with improved productivity and greater efficiency, your business could also benefit from cost savings and time management advantages. Vector Technologies provides consultancy, as well as sourcing and installation services for all your IT and connectivity needs.

New & Exciting - Innovative Solutions

New & Exciting – Innovative Solutions

Serve more customers, in less time, while improving customer experience and choice. READ MORE >>
With our partner Purple’s cloud software enabled over your existing network you can access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics. READ MORE >>
Vector Technologies can facilitate successful tie-ups with your suppliers. READ MORE >>
Many believe Cloud Computing is the future of IT and joining the Cloud certainly comes with vast possibilities and many benefits. READ MORE >>
Improve your company’s ability to effectively manage revenue and sales transactions by using the latest Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) technology. READ MORE >>

Networks - Security

Networks – Security

Our advice on Unified Communication Solutions will ensure your company benefits from a consolidated user interface and positive user experience. READ MORE >>
Knowing that information related to your company and its customers is protected 24/7, has become essential for successful businesses. READ MORE >>
As one the most important assets of your organisation, your server manages key network resources. READ MORE >>
The biggest cyber security threat is inside your organization.Organizations that wish to secure their companies from insider threats (which can be malicious or inadvertent) need to identify possible threats and implement security measures to address them.
Telephony    - Storage    - Backup

Telephony – Storage – Backup

Even with great systems in place, information can be lost through theft, fire, computer viruses and hard drive failure. READ MORE >>
Space is becoming a commodity. Keep track of all your digital assets with Network Storage solutions that suit your business. READ MORE >>
Make sure your company has an office telephone system that ensures effective and seamless communication with customers and between associates. READ MORE >>
Today, businesses often operate in several destinations with the need to consider multiple time zones. READ MORE >>
CCTV - Access control

CCTV – Access control

Monitor the movements within your business premises, as well as all of the exit and entry points, by installing CCTV cameras. READ MORE >>
Keep track of your workforce, enhance productivity and streamline payroll, as well as manage who enters and leaves your premises. READ MORE >>
Maintenance - Support

Maintenance – Support

When you have an Annual Maintenance Contract with Vector Technologies, you will in effect have access to centralised IT expertise. READ MORE >>
To effectively run and conduct business in an efficient way, modern companies need to know they can count on specific expertise and experience. READ MORE >>
Business in a Box


Instant Business set up from 4999 AED*. More start up and small businesses than ever are looking to reduce overhead, grow successfully and manage a workplace flexibility. READ MORE >>