Pelco CCTV

With a manufacturing facility in California and global distribution channels, Pelco by Schneider Electric offers CCTV security systems, services and equipment. Fixed IP cameras, PTZ IP cameras, panoramic IP cameras and analogue cameras are complemented with lenses, monitors, encoders and video management systems.

Model No: Model Type: BU model Bullet Cameras

BU4: Basic Level

BU5: Multi Purpose

BU6: Advanced with 50mm Lens

Resolution: 650 TV Lines

Night Vision: enabled with IR Compensation

Model No: Model Type: FD series (FD1, FD2 and FD 5)

Schneider Electrics Pelco FD1 Series are a basic indoor dome type camera. This combines a camera and lens package into a small, versatile indoor enclosure that can be mounted directly to a ceiling and is suited for home and small office environments. In order to provide better picture quality over a wide range of conditions in your home or office it is best to use the FD2 Series The FD5 Series is Pelco’s general purpose environmental and rugged dome camera used for outdoor CCTV applications.

Resolution: 650 TV Lines Optional IR

Exposure: 1 Lux

Chipset: Sony 1/3-Inch Imager

Model No: Model Type: C20 Camera

Chipset: 1/3 inch imager CS Mount Lens

Privacy Mask: Support Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Built in Unshielded Twisted pair cabling

On Screen Display: support