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Few Dubai residents realise how much physical space they can save in their homes by transferring CDs, videos and hard copies of pictures to a central digital ‘home’. Yes, we know some of them have sentimental value, so you can still keep your analogue assets when we’re done using the latest conversion software to store and catalogue them digitally in a convenient place. This will also protect you from possible loss of valued items in containers and make it easy to access them instantly, instead of searching through boxes.

What is Digital Conversion?

The CDs and DVDs you own will be obsolete very soon. Convert all of these to digital versions so you have easy access and can view them everywhere in your home. These can all be stored as part of your home’s media system.

What are the advantages?

  • Save space once you transfer all your CDs and DVDs to your own media storage facility.
  • Access and enjoy your digital media from multiple devices.
  • Find things quickly and easily.
  • Digital storage cannot be easily scratched or damaged.

Which products are supported?

We can help you convert and reformat most media; please contact us for more information.

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