Setting up or Revising your office for ‘The Changing Workplace’
The way we work is changing, and setting up a business in Dubai today is quite a cumbersome process. Decide on the type of company, find a location, get the office fitted out with furniture and fittings and an IT and Telephony solution that works for your business. Freelancing is on the rise, companies are expanding internationally and technology is helping employees stay productive wherever they are. There’s been an increase in flexible working hours and telecommuting like we’ve never seen before.
A recent study revealed,

  • 54% of global respondents already work remotely 2.5 days per week or more.
  • 83% of executives plan to increase their use of flexible employment in the coming years, meaning these numbers are set to rise.

As more companies seek to reduce overheads and grow, the movement towards flexibility offers an exciting opportunity. Shifting employees to satellite offices, co-working spaces and bookable meeting rooms close to their homes or clients means that businesses can drive their company growth without the costs of lots of real estate.

Business in a Box-web-business-services-vtecIn the past year Vector has helped over 20 businesses get up and running with services as simple as basic Printer supply and set up to complex cabling and networking infrastructure. Vector has created a high-value Business in a Box package to make it even easier for small offices to get started. Some companies have asked us to look at new and innovative communications for their Call Centres and IT and telephony requirements. Others have their own IT departments that require our support and expertise and some have Admin departments looking to remove the headache of IT requirements from their busy workload.

Whether new businesses or well established businesses looking to move, Vector has some brilliant products and services that can help your business streamline and become more efficient.  A couple of examples which address issues mentioned above are:

Joan Meeting Room Assistant

Joan Meeting Room Assistant is a new and innovative way for small business to implement a cost effective solution to meeting room booking. This innovative device is an e-ink reader (not too dissimilar to an old style kindle or nook) that allows the user to book a resource, usually a room, by going up to the room and booking it instantly. It also syncs with outlook, google apps for work and even your mobile phone. The assistant solves the age-old problem of room squatters, booking confusion and ends meeting interruptions.

Pascom IPPBX


Pascom IPPBX is a software solution to help business implement their own phone system in their offices. It allows seamless communication and transfer of lines to a variety of different handsets including mobile phones in and out of the office. Effectively this type of Unified communications systems allows customers to use the existing telephone system in an office to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world as if they were in the country. This saves the company plenty of money on international roaming and call charges. It allows employees to carry out their internal communications as if dialing an internal extension.

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These examples, and many more, are ways that Vector can help you set up and keep your office and ‘changing workplace’ nimble and efficient.
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